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  • Savannah Run For Fun Group

    Anyone can join, founded August 11, 2010

    Just have a good group of fellow runners to train and run with.

  • Private Exercise - Bootcamps/classes

    Anyone can join, founded March 1, 2011

    Monthly bootcamps/fitness classes for every fitness level. Classes include Cardio Craziness, Bootie Buster, Move it or Lose it, Nutrition ABC's, Flexibility Class. Personal training available by appointment only. All bootcamps/classes offered at $10.00...


    Anyone can join, founded July 10, 2011

    For people who are serious about staying in shape and improving their fitness level. We have various workouts, both indoors and outside. Workouts are throughout the day, from first thing in the morning through the evenings, and all...

  • Test Group for Park

    Anyone can join, founded March 16, 2012

  • Virginia Beach Wheelmen

    Invitation only, founded September 30, 2006

    Virginia Beach Wheelmen cycling team group

  • FREE PASSES in Yoga / Fitness PassBooks

    Anyone can join, founded February 27, 2007

    Get over 700 FREE passes to discover the best. Each PassBook contains FREE passes to over 175 of the best fitness facilities throughout NY. Check it out. On the web at or call 212-808-0765. PassBooks also available for Chicago and...

  • Its Allgood

    Anyone can join, founded July 7, 2007

    Dedicated to health and wellness, this group does a variety of activties. Looking for motivation, guidance, support, and guaranteed results? Then join now! Call Michelle in Orange County, CA at 949.394.9832 or write at to...

  • Idaho Nordic Pole Walkers

    Application required, founded August 12, 2008

    We welcome all Idahoans who enjoy their Nordic Walking workouts whether for recreation, rehabilitation, health, balance & stability fitness or competition.
    Nordic Pole Walking provides the health benefits of regular urban walking with the total-body...

  • Womans Self Defense

    Anyone can join, founded January 3, 2009

    Ever afraid to walk around alone? Ever been attacked or afraid of being attacked? Build up your confidence and join a womans self defense class. Classes will start soon, being held in Bronx, Ny and Manhattan, Ny at several different locations. Private...

  • Orlando Runners

    Application required, founded January 20, 2009

    Running Every Sunday... We have two pre-planned routes so just show up and run with other runners in your area. The run details are available at our website

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