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  • FitnessWorks

    Anyone can join, founded September 18, 2006

    FitnessWorks is a health club located in Morro Bay, California. We offer many group fitness classes, including Spinning, BodyPump, BodyCombat, Yoga, and many others. Within our facility we have a nutrition consultant, personal trainers, American Karate,...

  • Northshore Outrigger Canoe Club

    Anyone can join, founded January 1, 2008

    North Shore Outrigger is dedicated to promoting and perpetuating the sport of Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing by providing recreational and competitive paddling opportunities for adults of all ages.
    Our home on the water, the Salem Sound, offers an...

  • Urban Athletics Fitness Boot Camp

    Anyone can join, founded August 2, 2009

    Urban Athletics Boot Camp is a complete, full body workout in the park designed for all fitness levels.
    Most participants can expect to burn up to 700 calories in one fitness boot camp class!
    Whether your goals are weight loss, increased strength...

  • Learn to Belly Dance in South FL!

    Anyone can join, founded October 7, 2009

    Learn the art of Dance Orientale with Belly Dancer Levona. Private and Group Lessons available. Entertainment available through bookings for events. Belly Dancing is an excellent cardio workout and can also be crazy fun! A great alternative for a work...

  • Flirty Girl Fitness™ in Bangor

    Anyone can join, founded April 1, 2010

    Cardio-intensive exercise, interval training, strength training, flexibility, and agility all rolled into one hour of popular dance moves, desined to make participants forget they are working out.Inspire women toget fit, have fun and feel fabulous.


  • Fitness without walls

    Anyone can join, founded July 16, 2010

    My name is Ivan. and I'm here to train you the art of boxing and wrestling. I have been wrestling for 3yrs and boxing competitively for 5 years and have fought and beat many fighter's throughout st.louis boxing gyms.I train people of all skill levels...

  • God's Leading Ladies Can Work It Out

    Invitation only, founded October 26, 2010

    We are working to keep each other accountable as we strive to TAKE BACK OUR TEMPLE. We choose life and from this day forward we will eat to live, not live to eat.

  • Baby Boot Camp Stroller Fitness

    Application required, founded November 9, 2008

    Stroller fitness class for prenatal and postpartum moms, looking to get back into shape or maintain their fitness level throughout their pregnancy. We do interval training, with power walking, jogging, and strength training with exercise tubes, body...

  • Zumba Fitness In Puyallup Washington

    Anyone can join, founded December 17, 2009

    Those of us with a LOVE for Zumba Fitness

  • CHS Medical, Inc-FL

    Application required, founded January 24, 2010

    The Florida CHS Health and Wellness network

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