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  • WARRIOR FITNESS B.C. - 60435

    Anyone can join, founded August 14, 2018

    CAN'T MAKE IT TO THE GYM? Come try our VIRTUAL WORKOUT FOR FREE. 60 minutes total-body workout right from the privacy of your own home or ANYWHERE. Use your own bodyweight as we help you shed flab; increase flexibility, burn lots of calories while...

  • Hip Hop Dance Support Group

    Anyone can join, founded September 8, 2006

    I love to dance but can't afford to spend money and taking dance classes at a studio. I'd like start a group that meets once a week for an hour, and takes turns leading it. We would teach other hip hop dance routines. We can get these routines from...

  • American Dance Center

    Anyone can join, founded March 2, 2007

    The American Dance Center celebrates its 36th year in Chicago Southland with commitment and continued growth. We look forward to another exciting year of dance, education, and performances!

    Bridging the gap between classroom studies and the...

  • Evansville

    Anyone can join, founded March 8, 2007

    Group to motivate and link fitness-minded individuals.

  • Anything Goes

    Anyone can join, founded May 10, 2007

    For anybody with any kind of fitness goal - anything goes. For fitness veterans & newbies alike, to share experiences & advice.

  • Coast Boot Camp- Newport Beach

    Anyone can join, founded January 14, 2009

    This is a strenghth and cardio class that meets at bonita Canyon Sports Park in Newport Beach. All ages and and genders welcome.

  • Anyone can HELP

    Anyone can join, founded January 25, 2009

  • evolve hot yoga

    Anyone can join, founded February 12, 2012

    Come to Evolve Duluth's Hot Yoga and Spin classes. Located in downtown duluth (in the new Tycoons eatery and ale house).

  • Recreational Biking

    Application required, founded April 30, 2009

    a group of people who likes leisure bike rides. also, if you're a commuter, this would be a group where you can find possible ride-to-work-partners.

  • Keg to six pack

    Anyone can join, founded May 19, 2009

    Working out in the San Diego Area at home, in the gym or outside.

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