Physical Therapy Groups

  • Personal Training Feature Discussion

    Anyone can join, founded February 26, 2007

    The purpose of this group is to discuss the most valuable tools for trainers to better serve their clients. From online scheduling to more in depth trainer specific features, what are the tools that you as a trainer have always dreamed about being able...

  • Matt's Minions

    Anyone can join, founded November 13, 2008

    A community of health and fitness minded individuals that train with or are friends with me.

  • Team Beachbody Coach

    Anyone can join, founded December 16, 2008

    I help others get motivated and lose weight fo free
    join us Or Call Me @ 1-860-485-4510 and help others..

  • Tennis anyone?

    Anyone can join, founded March 31, 2009

    This group is for beginners and champs too. Its a place to find that place and partner to help u build ur game or maybe help u understand the game.

    Suggestions are welcome.

  • SCA Workouts

    Anyone can join, founded March 8, 2010

    This group is designed for the SCA or Society for Creative Anachronism members who want to talk with other like minded folks about thier workouts.

    This is not just for stick jocks.

  • Run like hell!

    Anyone can join, founded December 21, 2008

    Getting in shape to run the pig relay!

  • BFAC Fitness

    Invitation only, founded January 12, 2011

  • Learn to Belly Dance in South FL!

    Anyone can join, founded October 7, 2009

    Learn the art of Dance Orientale with Belly Dancer Levona. Private and Group Lessons available. Entertainment available through bookings for events. Belly Dancing is an excellent cardio workout and can also be crazy fun! A great alternative for a work...

  • Be Bone Strong!

    Anyone can join, founded May 28, 2009

    To have healthy bones, you need a healthy body. Vitamin D levels, water intake, safe weight lifting, balance, an alkaline diet and weight bearing activities are all important for healthier, stronger bones.

    This group is all about helping you prevent...

  • Idaho Nordic Pole Walkers

    Application required, founded August 12, 2008

    We welcome all Idahoans who enjoy their Nordic Walking workouts whether for recreation, rehabilitation, health, balance & stability fitness or competition.
    Nordic Pole Walking provides the health benefits of regular urban walking with the total-body...

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