Aquatic Fitness Clubs & Groups

  • Charlotte Fitness Fanatics

    Anyone can join, founded April 26, 2013

    For anyone in the Charlotte Area who wants to be active in fitness, already active in fitness, and needs a group to get and stay involved. This is also a place to organize groups runs, workouts, and fitness-related events.

  • TSD Fitness Group

    Anyone can join, founded August 30, 2011

    TSD's School Health Advisory Committee encourages any TSD-affiliated member staff, parents, and community) to participate in a positive and fun way to get healthy and fit, as well as to remain health and fit through completing this online...

  • Fitness Over 50-Women

    Anyone can join, founded April 28, 2013

    I am looking for other women to walk with. I know I will be inspired to do this if I have others who feel they will walk if they do this as a group. It does not need to be a large group. I just want to be more active. I am 64 and just want to have more...

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