Triathlon Clubs & Groups

  • TriKC Triathlon Club

    Application required, founded April 8, 2008

    The premiere triathlon club in the Midwest (Missouri and Kansas) and the Kansas City area serving all levels of the KC multisport community since 1992. TriKC was established to provide a network of information, support services, training & racing...

  • Team MueDik

    Invitation only, founded January 12, 2011

    Team of bad asses committed to training for and finishing a Half Ironman. membership is by invitation only.

  • Community Meltdown

    Anyone can join, founded March 22, 2007

    We lose weight, get fit, and have fun together. Carole Carson, creator of the Community Meltdown and author of "From Fat to Fit" inspired over 1,000 people in Nevada County to team together and lose over 4 tons in 2 months. She is inviting you to...

  • Fit Club

    Anyone can join, founded September 9, 2008

    Beach Boot Camp that incorporates all aspects of health and fitness. During the Classes we utilize resistance training, cardio, core and balance through a variety of exercises and circuits. Our goal is to take the now popular "boot camp" and make it...

  • UCSF Millberry Fitness & Recreation Ctr

    Anyone can join, founded November 21, 2009

    Members of Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Parnassus

  • Wolf BDE

    Invitation only, founded August 1, 2010

    Welcome my brothers! Here is our page. Use it to your advantage, challenge each other, encourage each other. If you have questions, hit me up.

  • Guinness Cycling Team

    Anyone can join, founded October 27, 2006

    Elite masters cycling team based out of Portland Oregon.

  • Test Group for Park

    Anyone can join, founded March 16, 2012

  • Virginia Beach Wheelmen

    Invitation only, founded September 30, 2006

    Virginia Beach Wheelmen cycling team group

  • Mohawk Valley Bicycling Club

    Application required, founded October 2, 2006

    MVBC is based in the Utica-Rome area of Central New York.

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