Sybil's 30 Days of Yoga

About The Group

  • Yoga studios advocate introducing yourself to the practice of yoga by committing to a month of study. It's the best way to get a full introduction and also a guaranteed way to see the finite results of your practice.
    I have often thought about joining one of these challenges, mostly for the discounted class prices, but have always lost track of time and not done it.
    Well, the buck stops here! I'm going to start my own 30 Day Yoga challenge. I have several different studios I can attend in order to keep my schedule flexible and have also bought a DVD, so I can do some yoga at home too.
    Want to join me?
    * We can compare our experiences
    * Inspire each other to stay on track
    * Suggest help for trouble poses

    It'll be fun. If you'd like to join me, get your yoga mat out, light a candle and get into downward dog!
    You can join me any day and create your own 30 day time limit.

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