About The Group

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    For people who are serious about staying in shape and improving their fitness level. We have various workouts, both indoors and outside. Workouts are throughout the day, from first thing in the morning through the evenings, and all around the Seattle-Tacoma area. Many meetups are dog-friendly. We love our dogs!

    This group is for beginner exercisers who really want to push their limits, for intermediate exercisers to kick it up a notch, and for advanced exercisers who want to stay challenged and keep others motivated.

    Members are especially interested in weight lifting, hikes, running, cycling, cardio, dance, swimming, kayaking, soccer, yoga, and ´╗┐taekwondo / martial arts.

    We'd love to have more members who are interested in other fitness activities, too - frisbee, tennis, skiing, volleyball, skateboarding, softball, basketball, football. . .

Basic Info

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