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  • My name is Ivan. and I'm here to train you the art of boxing and wrestling. I have been wrestling for 3yrs and boxing competitively for 5 years and have fought and beat many fighter's throughout st.louis boxing gyms.I train people of all skill levels from kids to adults. You can do boxing/wrestling for fitness, self defense, and competitions. I will teach you
    the fundamentals of boxing/wrestling such as solid boxing/wrestling stance, defense, and body movement. I love to emphasize on footwork and defensive drills before throwing any punches and takedowns, because of the importance of having a solid foundation.I offer unique training sessions that will rapidly
    get you into boxing/wrestling form, whether it be losing weight or competitive boxing/wrestling. I prefer competitions because it provides the opportunity to apply your boxing and wrestling skills at a high level. If you are interested in the best training please give me a call or send me an email. (619)267 8870/

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