About The Group

  • Ask yourself, "Have you ever experienced fitness boredom?" Of course you have! But it doesn’t have to stay that way for long.

    SassyFit is our passage from fitness drag to a kick ass time! You'll learn where to find saucy-like classes to attend, to-die-for food and cocktail recipes, one-of-a kind fitness wear, and of course how to get a sassy new attitude towards fitness.

    Celina Moser, Founder and WebSasster, sends out a bi-weekly club newsletter. It's a fun read and packed full of information that'll get you excited about fitness again.

    This club is about transformation, with fitness flair, that excites and stimulates. No more ordinary workouts, diet or fitness wear for us! If you're ready to "sass-back" to barriers that keep you from feeling and looking like a bombshell, sign-up for's newsletter and transform more than just your body, transform your attitude.

Basic Info

  • Anyone can join

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