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    Golf is a civilized sport, but it is also a very competitive sport. One of the best ways to improve your golf score is to play against an opponent with equal if not better skills. Be sure to try to find your perfect golf partner match.

  • Golf Instructors

    If your handicap is high, then you might want to consider private sessions with a golf instructor. You can work with your golf instructor at a golf course, putting green or driving range. Get some expert golf advice today.

  • Golf Courses

    There are several different types of golf coarse landscapes including; parkland, heathland, oceanside and desert. You can find golf coarses near you or you can travel to try new golf course landscapes to spice things up.

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  • Finding a Golf Partner

    It is near to impossible to have love at first sight on the golf course. You might meet the love of your life there, but you will not at first sight or round, know whether or not a golf partner is your perfect match. Love is difficult to calculate, but good partnerships are a easier to dissect.

    A good golf partner is at your skill level. Many golfers like to wage bets when they play rounds, so why choose a golf partner who is going to constantly win games. Beware of the cheating golf partner who plays as if they are at the same level as you then week after week wins the bet and walks off with your hard earned cash. Golf partners should be as good at communicating as they are at being silent. Golfing is a great way to form bonds, but there comes a time in every round where silence is crucial. A chatty golf partner is a threat to your game and your peace of mind.

    Additionally, your golf partner should not be a drama queen. Golf players who can control their temper make the best partners. No one wants to constantly play with a club-thrower. It is equally important that your golf partner be reliable. When you set times to play, everyone should try their best to adhere to those times, so you don't lose time on the course. Golf partners need to also be focused. A good golf partner is ready when it's their turn and moves the game along, instead of dragging behind. An important thing to do once you've found a golf partner, is decide with your partner whether or not you'll be exchanging advice on technique. Some golf players will want helpful hints, others will not.

  • To Have a Caddy Or Not

    Fewer public golf courses offer caddy services. But the service has not died out yet. A caddy can be your best golf buddy and resource, if you choose the right one. A caddy's responsibility goes far beyond just lugging your bag and filling divot holes. S/he is also your own personal motivator. Caddies offer support and encouragement throughout a game. Simply, they boost your ego. Caddies are the best source for information about the course. If you are new to the golf course, your caddy will be able to tell you where the best lines are, where the green slopes and the distance between hazards. Additionally, they can help inform you about wind conditions. Another good name for caddies would be golf consultants. While on the golf course, a great caddy will lower your number of strokes per game. Caddies are very knowledgeable about golf and can offer advice on club selection, shot choices and putting options. Your caddy should make you feel confident and comfortable on the golf course, so that you play to your best ability. A good caddy is a life long friend. Look for a caddy who fulfills the above requirements and whose personality suits yours. There is nothing wrong with trying out a few different caddies to figure out what kind of caddy you need.

  • How to Lower Your Score

    Many golf experts will give you different advice on how to save strokes. There are an endless number of books written describing the best ways to lower your golf score. Only you can decide what the best strategy will be for your game. A simple strategy is to know as many rules as you can, especially the helpful rules that will assist you in getting your stroke score down.

    For instance, you can take relief from a burrowning animal hole, ground water repair, a cart path and even a hole made by a greens keeper. Also, if your golf ball lands in a fairway, you can pick it up and clean it off, or borrow a fellow golfers ball. Additionally, you may remove any article on the green that was left by other golfers or greens keepers such as cans or plastic wrappers. For more helpful rules, check out The Golf Expert website.

  • Golf Tournament Breakdown

    When you feel your golf game has gotten to a sporting level, it is time to look into joining a golf tournament. Golf tournaments are a great motivating factor to practice more and also a great reward for all the practice you have already put in. Two of the most famous golf tournaments or tours are the PGA Tour and the Ryder Cup. These tournaments are meant for professionals who have played in hundreds of tournaments before qualifying. For the average golfer, however, there are more amateur tournaments that are easier to qualify for.

    Every tournament will have different requirements and rules. Most golf tournaments offer a prize of either cash, a trophy or a title. Some tournaments are held to raise money for a cause, so all registration and membership fees are donated to that cause. In terms of requirements, most tournaments with have an age minimum and a handicap index minimum. You should have a USGA (United States Golf Association) handicap card if you are going to take part in any tournament.

    Tournaments are typically split between amateurs and professionals, and male and female. There are 18-hole stroke play tournaments and 36-hole stroke play tournaments. Take note of a few important things before you sign up for a tournament. First, see what their entry cap is; you won't want to play in an over-crowded tournament. Second, check the entry fee due date, so that you are on time with your fees. Lastly, be sure you know what the cancelation policy is in case you can't make it. If you've decided to play in a tournament, find a partner and get out on the green for a couple of rounds as often as you can.

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