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Publish your personal trainer profile on FitLink and find new clients or manage your current clients online!

Potential clients can easily find personal trainers on FitLink. Using the personal trainer search, members can find nearby personal trainers and view their profiles. You profile may include your specialties, certifications, philosophy, and whatever else sets you apart. When a client designates you as their trainer, you gain the ability to assign them workouts and monitor their progress. Clients can also create "trainer only" journal entries to enhance your communication.

Personal trainers have the ability to assign workouts to clients within FitLink. The assignment will appear on your client's calendar as an empty star, indicating they have not yet completed it. Using our database of over 300 exercises, you can provide a detailed list of tasks with instructions tailored to each client.

Listing your profile on FitLink only costs a one time $5 lifetime membership fee! Add your profile today.

Create a personal profile for yourself by clicking the join link. Once you are a member of the community, you can refer your clients using the 'refer a friend' feature on every page. When your client creates a profile, you will be able to manage his or her workouts.

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