Advertising for gyms, manufacturers, publishers, and other fitness advertisers...

Click-through ads for a targeted audience!

FitLink enables targeted marketing for sellers of fitness related products and services. We allow text and image based click-through advertising in select areas of our site. You can control who views your ads based on the user's favorite activities and location. You are only charged when a user clicks on your ad, so there is no risk to you. Sign up today!

Quality banner advertising

FitLink also offers a few select screen sections to host a constant, tasteful banner ad for a period of time. For example, you ad can be shown during every BMI calculation for one month. We can also fit small ads on the login, home, and logout pages, which will be seen by everyone as they sign in or out.

Activity sponsorship

For agressive marketers, consider sponsoring an activity page. Activities are linked from the profile of individuals, groups, locations, and events. Each activity has associated discussion forums. FitLink can custom design a particular activity screen to meet your needs.

FitLink for equipment manufacturers...

Demonstrate your equipment!

Integrate detailed step by step instructions into our acclaimed exercise browser. Show off the various ways to exercise specific body parts just as people are looking to work that area.

Sell more gear

As people read wokout journals, they will see the key to other's success and measure their own over time. Allow personal trainers to assign workouts to their clients using you equipment, giving them reason to buy. Make your product purchaseable right from our browser or individual's workout logs.

Track Results

FitLink community members can build custom workouts using your equipment and show off their results. Further integrate your equipment by allowing for automatic upload of exercise data into FitLink workouts.

Please contact us with any questions or for pricing information.

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