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    Finding people who love football isn't hard, but finding people who like playing football more than watching might be harder. Get off the couch and out on the field. Gather up football players for a recreational weekend game.

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    Find a professional to push and motivate you. Football coaches teach you not only the ins and outs of the game, but also life lessons about commitment, focus and hard work. Coaches offer private and team training.

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    All you need to play a football game is an empty field of grass, something for marking zones and a group of friends. If you're looking for a more serious game try public football fields, stadiums or sports centers.

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  • Partner Football Practice

    Whether you're a recreational flag football player or a team football player, practicing with a partner can help improve your game in numerous ways. Practicing football with a partner is a great way to hone in on specific fundamentals. You don't have to practice only linebacker or quarterback drills. Together with your football partner, you can increase your strength and improve your conditioning.

    Try to find a football partner who is positive, pro-active and punctual. Your football partner should be encouraging and motivating. They should want to improve as much as you do. They should also be committed to the time and dates you schedule to practice. The only way to improve is to be consistent with the number of days you practice and the hours you spend training.

    Once you've found your football partner, try some basic drills like realeasing and grabbing the ball, balancing and tackling, and corner running, shuffling and sprinting. Many coaches talk about visualization being an important component to training. You and your football partner can help each other visualize the steps that help complete passes, kicks and plays. Your football partner should have similar or more experience than you. If you run out of things to practice, alternate your on the football field training with some time in the gym. You and your football partner can spot each other throught this Football Workout.

  • Start Your Own Football Team

    Are you missing the days of high school or college football game? Is the family turkey bowl on thanksgiving in your dad's backyard not satiating your desire to be a superstar player. It's never too late to get back in the game. Gather up your friends and start a team today. You are probably not the only person in your circle, or office who misses playing football. Many companies now have teams that compete against other like-minded businesses in city and statewide games.

    Once you have a good number of players (including a list of backups should scheduling conflicts occur), find the most convenient football field near you. Next, take inventory on what type of football equipment everyone has and what might need to be purchased. Football has a lot of equipment, so it is best to find players who have access to equipment, so that your budget doesn't bust. You may also want to try playing off season so that there are more fields available. Consider just playing flag football which will require a lot less gear.

    Next choose a time, maybe twice a week, to practice. During your football practices, choose a captain and positions. Before you know it you'll be on your way and ready to play against another team. Search for football leagues in your area. Once your team is organized, you can create a football group for your team here at FitLink to track your workouts, schedule practices, games and other events.

  • Speed Training For Football Players

    Research is constantly being done to determine what it is that makes certain football players faster than others. For years, it was thought it was only a matter of genetic composition and there was only so much an athlete could do to improve their speed. A newer assumption is that speed can be increased by developing a football player's fast-twitch muscles. Fast-twitch muscle development is now a key ingredient in many speed training programs.

    Fast-twitch muscles, unlike slow-twitch muscles, use anaerobic (without oxygen) metabolism which allows them to contract more rapidly. Due to this quick contraction, fast-twitch muscles also fatigue quickly. Though they release the same amount of power as slow-twitch muscles, fast-twitch muscles are needed for when players have to engage strength with no build up; the strength needs to propel them.

    Since most of football is played in short intervals, speed training in combination with fast-twitch muscle development is very important. Slow-twitch muscles can be developed to gain strength, but are not needed to help the football run longer. Football players need most to run faster.

  • Basic Football Drills

    There are thousands of football drills out there. So, where should a football player or coach begin? The first step would be to figure out your football team's weaknesses. Address the weaknesses of both your offensive and defensive players. Set a goal for improving the fundamentals that are lacking. Find a motivational tool that will keep the entire team working towards a goal such as a national championship or defeating your biggest rivals.

    Football coaches should integrate drills that improve upon the current strengths of the team and eliminate the weaknesses. Be careful to not use all the most challenging drills at once. To keep the players interested and enthused, change the drills often. Watch for players who lose focus when the drill isn't working a skill needed for their position. Be sure to articulate the purpose of each drill. And always be constructive with your criticism.

    Football players need to commit and invest time in eliminating their greatest weaknesses. Drill practice is not a time for short cuts. All players, whether quarter backs or line men, should focus on improving speed, strength, agility, power and endurance. The saying "the team is only as strong as its weakest link" holds true in all sports.

    Check out the drills listed on Football Plays & Drills.

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