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    Commit to getting in shape by joining an area gym. Find the local Ballys, Planet, LifeTime, LA, and other twenty four hour fitness locations near you. Be sure they offer all the amenities and services you want.

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    When you need a quiet and calm space to exercise and stretch, search for your local yoga studio. For a great workout focusing on your core strength and alignment, look for a Pilates studio in your area.

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    Outdoor exercise is free and fun! Why stay inside, when you can hike, run or cycle at a nearby park? Find public spaces with running tracks, sports fields, tennis courts and swimming pools near you.

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  • The Best Gym For You

    If you are thinking about joining a gym or any type of health club, there are a few things you should know before signing a contract and handing over your credit card. The most important thing, besides making sure the price is within your budget, is to make sure you like the feel of the place, so you are inspired to go often. If you are the type to work out during your lunch break, a gym that is lively, well-lit, and colorful may be the perfect place to exercise and rev up your energy for the rest of the day. If instead you are the type of person who has an active day and uses the gym to wind down, a dark, quiet gym may be more your style. "Try it before you buy it" is a good phrase to remember. Before you sign a membership contract, know what the terms are; some gyms only offer automatic-withdrawal for your monthly payment, others will send you a bill each month which might make you want to set up your own atuomatic payments with your bank or credit card to avoid late fees. Some gyms offer huge discounts if you pay for a year or two upfront. Most membership or sales advisors will offer you a discounted "initiation fee" if you just ask. They may even deny you if you ask, but if you have visited other fitness locations that offered to waive the start-up fee, tell them that and see if they will offer their competitor's offer. They want your business, so make them earn it. It's a great idea to push for a discount when it's the gym you want, but also the gym that is out of your set price range. Virtually every health club on the planet will give you a free pass for one day if not for one week. Try out the gym, use the showers, take a class, stop by the kids club or the smoothie bar, and make sure you really like the whole package. You'll be glad you did once you see how often you go and how much you enjoy going, and especially how much you enjoy your fitter body as a result.

  • 24 Hour Fitness Locations

    A popular feature offered by fitness centers is 24 hour access. In the past, this service could only be offered by big or expensive gyms. However, due to some creativity by the little guys, you can now find twenty four hour fitness locations in most areas. One way of solving the late night staffing issue is by way of electronic access cards. This allows you to enter a health club freely at night when there may be limited or no staff on site. Remember to take extra precautions at night if you are entering a dimly lit building by yourself. Also, avoid maxing out your weights in the after hours, as there might not be anyone to help if you injure yourself. It is safer if you find a workout partner to accompany you to the gym. Either way, if you are a shift worker or just like the peaceful environment of working out late night, make sure to join a 24 hr fitness location.

  • Make the Most of a Membership

    Most fitness centers have discounted rates for their members such as discounts on swimming classes or climbing lessons, and a members-only rate for massage and childcare. Ask the front desk staff for pricing information. In order to maximize your workout time, know what you want to do before you head to the gym. It is okay if you change your mind, but have an idea of what you want to accomplish that day, whether it is cardio training to get a good sweat, or strength training to fatigue part or all of your muscles. That way, you will not find yourself wasting time wandering from machine to machine trying to figure out how it works or if you should try it. When planning your workout beforehand, you will have to take into account how you feel as well as your environment. If the only time you have to workout is rush hour at the gym when every machine is full, perhaps you should take a class that day. If it is pouring rain and you were planning on biking outside, hop onto an exercise bike or take a spinning class. Having reasonable backup plans for when things change mid-day will help keep you on track.

  • Free Exercise: Public Parks

    Public Parks offer a wide variety of exercise and fitness opportunities. From simple activities like walking to physical activities like baseball, parks are gyms you can attend without paying a membership fee. Many parks and public spaces have numerous amenities to suit your every fitness need. You can find soccer fields, football fields, running tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, cycling routes, callisthenic bars, swimming pools and so much more. National and state parks also often host fitness events including sports tournaments, walk-a-thons, cycling seminars and swim lessons. You can plan a fun, filled day of activity at the park, but be sure to check ahead of time to see what the rules and regulations are for using park space and what facilities and amenities are open at what times. Make your dollars go farther by making the most of free public fitness locations.

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