Machine Exercises

  • Assisted Tricep Dip

    This exercise uses a weight stack to assist you in lifting your body weight using mainly your triceps.

  • Back Extension

    If your gym does not have a specific back extension machine, this is a good way to strengthen the lower back without hyperextending it or having to lay face down.

  • Bicep Curl

    The bicep curl machine is a good option since it encourages good posture and allows you to quickly increase or decrease your weight for each set without needing to retrieve different dumbbells.

  • Cable Bicep Curl

    Resistance is provided consistently for the biceps throughout the exercise.

  • Cable Calf Press

    This exercise does not put weight on your spine like a regular standing calf press machine. It also gives your arms a good workout while working your calves.

  • Cable Chest Press

    This chest press uses independent cables that allow your arms to press their own weight, and also allows your stability muscles surrounding the shoulders to get a good workout.

  • Cable Decline Chest Fly

    You will strengthen your chest and biceps muscles with this exercise and get a stretch across your entire chest while you do the exercise.

  • Cable Hip Abduction

    This outer thigh exercise is good for toning the hip and glute muscles on both legs.

  • Cable Hip Adduction

    This works your inner thigh muscle and muscles deep within the hip. It requires you to resist the weight while standing instead of while sitting, therefore strengthens your muscles in an elongated state.

  • Cable Incline Tricep Extension

    Using a cable machine to work your triceps allow you to also strengthen your core since you have a split leg stance, as well as challenge your balance.


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