Machine Exercises

  • Cable Lat Pull-down

    This exercise allows you to work your back muscles as well as your grip because it uses two handles instead of a bar; additionally, it has the added benefit on isolating each side of your back so that your stronger arm cannot assist the weaker arm.

  • Cable Row

    Working your back with two different cables allows each arm to work independently.

  • Cable Shoulder Press

    Using two separate cables requires each arm to pull its own weight and use its stabilizers to keep your arms steady.

  • Cable Side Bend

    This exercise uses a cable in order to provide resistance for the obliques.

  • Cable Standing Fly

    Using a cable machine to do chest fly allows you to strengthen your stability muscles while you work the major muscles of the chest.

  • Calf Press

    This is a great alternative to strengthen your calves without putting too much pressure on your spine or shoulders as with some calf machines.

  • Chest Fly

    You will strengthen your chest and biceps muscles with this exercise and get a stretch across your entire chest while you do the exercise.

  • Chest Press

    This machine works your overall chest muscles, mainly in the center of your pectorals. The movement mimics a push-up.

  • Chest Press - Smith Machine

    The Smith Machine is a piece of equipment used in weight training, usually in gyms. It consists of a barbell that is fixed within steel rails, allowing only vertical movement. The weight is placed on the ends of the barbell then slid to the midline.

  • Crunches

    With proper form, this machine can take the place of hundreds of crunches that you may be used to doing by making each crunch many times harder than it would be without the added weight.


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