Shoulder Exercises - Bodyweight

Other ways to work your Shoulders: Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball Stretching

Exercises with your shoulders as the primary target:

  • Arm Circles

    This exercise requires no equipment and will tone your upper and lower arms as well as your shoulders and upper chest and back muscles.

Exercises with your shoulders as a contributor:

  • Push-ups

    Push-ups are a great way to build upper body, arm, and abdominal strength.

  • Advanced Birddog

    This can be modified to be made more difficult or less difficult depending on your ability.

  • Modified Superman

    This is an easier version of the Superman, good for those who want to strengthen their neck and back without adding undue stress.

  • One-arm Superman

    One-arm Superman is a back exercise that strengthens each side of your back independently. It also strengthens your rear shoulders, glutes and hamstrings and stretches your lats.

  • Superman

    This exercise helps to strengthen your back which often gets overstretched and weak during daily activities like driving and typing on the computer.

  • Wall Push-ups

    This exercise is executed like a push-up but is done on a wall so that you can concentrate on proper form.


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