Inner Thigh Exercises

Exercises with your inner thighs as the primary target:

  • Hip Adduction

    You can use a Fitness Circle, small ball, or even a pillow to do this exercise.

  • Lateral Lunges

    This exercise strengthens the outer thigh as well as the outer ankle.

  • Side-lying Hip Adduction

    This is executed laying on either side to strengthen the inner thigh of the bottom leg.

  • Side-lying Legs Lift

    This is done laying down on your side with both legs squeezing together as you lift them off the floor.

  • Standing Hip Adduction

    This is a simple exercise for your inner thigh that you can do subtly, even while waiting for the bus.

Exercises with your inner thighs as a contributor:

  • Kneeling Glute Press

    This strengthens your glutes and isolates the inner thigh as well.

  • Prone Leg Lift

    This is a do-anywhere exercise to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.


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