Calf Exercises - Bodyweight

Other ways to work your Calf: Bosu

Exercises with your calf as the primary target:

  • Calf Press

    You can strengthen your calves with this exercise anywhere: on the floor or on the edge of a step, with or without added resistance.

  • Single Calf Press

    This strengthens one leg at a time while also challenging your balance.

Exercises with your calf as a contributor:

  • Inversion

    These simple ankle movements can be done anytime, anywhere, and can help prevent ankle sprains and possibly ankle breaks.

  • Leg Extension

    This can be done anywhere, from your kitchen to standing at a bus stop, so you'll always have a reason to do them.

  • Hip Adduction With Squats

    This exercise strengthens the thighs and challenges your balance as you stand on one leg.

  • Lateral Lunges Off Step

    The step offers height to make your hip muscles work harder in the lunge.

  • Standing Hip Adduction

    This is a simple exercise for your inner thigh that you can do subtly, even while waiting for the bus.

  • Stationary Lunges

    A good exercise to strengthen the entire thigh, these are slightly less challenging than lunges since you are taking forward/backward movement out of the equation.

  • Step-ups

    This exercise works each leg independently using your body weight.


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