Abdominal Exercises - Bodyweight

Other ways to work your Abdominals: Bosu Free Weight Machine Medicine Ball Resistance Tube Stability Ball

Exercises with your abdominals as the primary target:

  • Crunches

    The traditional crunch, these crunches can be done anywhere and work your rectus abdominis, aka your six-pack muscles.

  • Oblique Crunches

    These crunches involve the obliques more than typical crunches.

  • Oblique Engagement

    This is a very effective exercise if your back is stiff and you want more range of motion with your torso. It is simultaneously a tough workout for your obliques.

  • Plank

    The plank strengthens your upper body and your abdominals.

  • Torso Twist

    This requires no equipment and can be done anywhere you can stand up.

  • Tva Pull

    This can be done laying on your back. It is not performed with maximal effort, but is key to good abdominal strength for support for the rest of your body. Eventually, you can practice side-lying or seated on a chair or ball.

  • Advanced Birddog

    This can be modified to be made more difficult or less difficult depending on your ability.

  • Advanced Heel Slide

    This is an appropriate exercise to do after mastering a TVA pull and hold for 30 seconds of at least 3 reps.

  • Advanced Plank

    The advanced plank is a great core strengthener and is easy to make more intense simply by holding the position longer.

  • Advanced Side Plank

    The advanced side plank is done with straight legs on one elbow to work one side of the body as well as your core balance.

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