Bodyweight Exercises

  • Advanced Birddog

    This can be modified to be made more difficult or less difficult depending on your ability.

  • Advanced Heel Slide

    This is an appropriate exercise to do after mastering a TVA pull and hold for 30 seconds of at least 3 reps.

  • Advanced One Leg Stand

    This is a more challenging way to balance on one foot, and is helpful in learning how to navigate your way through a dark environment.

  • Advanced Plank

    The advanced plank is a great core strengthener and is easy to make more intense simply by holding the position longer.

  • Advanced Side Plank

    The advanced side plank is done with straight legs on one elbow to work one side of the body as well as your core balance.

  • Arm Circles

    This exercise requires no equipment and will tone your upper and lower arms as well as your shoulders and upper chest and back muscles.

  • Around The World

    You can target your abs from varying angels with this twisting crunch.

  • Back Extension

    Bend forward as far as you can comfortably to strengthen your back and hamstrings as well as stretch your hamstrings. AKA Table Top.

  • Birddog

    This is a terrific back, shoulder, and hamstring strengthener.

  • Calf Press

    You can strengthen your calves with this exercise anywhere: on the floor or on the edge of a step, with or without added resistance.


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