Bodyweight Exercises

  • Sphinx

    This is a subtle movement that can help you to internally focus on your deepest abdominal muscles.

  • Squats

    Squats can be done anywhere, with or without weight.

  • Standing Hip Abduction

    This adds movement to a single leg balance which is helpful in walking gracefully on icy sidewalks or on any tricky terrain.

  • Standing Hip Adduction

    This is a simple exercise for your inner thigh that you can do subtly, even while waiting for the bus.

  • Stationary Lunges

    A good exercise to strengthen the entire thigh, these are slightly less challenging than lunges since you are taking forward/backward movement out of the equation.

  • Step-ups

    This exercise works each leg independently using your body weight.

  • Superman

    This exercise helps to strengthen your back which often gets overstretched and weak during daily activities like driving and typing on the computer.

  • Supine Hip Hinge

    This exercise is good for teaching your core how to maintain proper spinal alignment with engaged abdominals.

  • The 100s

    This exercise is part of the Mat series from Pilates Method

  • Toe Lift

    You can do these at your desk, in a grocery store line, or in your airplane seat. In the absence of an anterior tibialis machine, this is helpful for athletes who play soccer, snowboard, and other sports which rely on lower leg muscles. Also known as To


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