Bodyweight Exercises

  • Cat Curl And Stretch

    This stretches your spine in both directions, arched and contracted, thus strengthens both sides of your body as well.

  • Clam

    This exercise builds essential strength for hip stability which helps in balancing, walking, running, and all sports.

  • Crunches

    The traditional crunch, these crunches can be done anywhere and work your rectus abdominis, aka your six-pack muscles.

  • Dead Bug

    This is an abdominal exercise that you can do without much movement and with no equipment.

  • Dead Bug Crunch

    This engages the TVA and external and internal obliques as you lift your head and stabilize your legs with a 90 degrees angle.

  • Eversion

    These simple ankle movements can be done anytime, anywhere, and can help prevent ankle sprains and possibly ankle breaks.

  • Glute Press

    These can be done anywhere in order to strengthen your glutes because no equipment is necessary.

  • Glute Squeeze

    This is simple enough that you can do it while sunbathing, yet it is highly effective and non-strenuous on your knees.

  • Heel Dips

    This one legged knee bend is one of the best ways to challenge your balance and build strength in your knee.

  • Heel Slide

    The goal of this exercise is to maintain spinal alignment and abdominal engagement while sliding your heels on the floor.


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