Activity Exercises

  • Backpacking

    Backpacking is a great way to get some fresh air and connect with the outside world while conditioning your heart and strengthening your legs.

  • Baseball/softball

    Baseball stretches from backyards to professional fields. Whether you play for fun or as a profession, it develops great hand-eye co-ordination and teamwork.

  • Basketball

    From the occasional pick-up game to a formal game, basketball provides a hard workout with a lot of fun and social interaction between teammates and opponents.

  • Boxing

    Punching bags can be found at most gyms now and classes are offered to teach beginners to advanced users to improve their punch.

  • Climbing

    Some climbing is technical and requires the use of ropes, bolts, nuts, hexes, and camming devices; other climbing is known as bouldering and uses very little equipment if any to acsend boulders or less steep surfaces.

  • Cycling

    Biking strengthens your musculoskeletal system and your cardiovascular system at the same time.

  • Dance

    Dance can be free-form and done at any party or it can be technical and disciplined, such as ballet or tap. It develops co-ordination, strength, and musicality.

  • Diving

    Sometimes diving is just getting into the water hands first in swimming class, but most of us know it as a technical sport at the collegiate or Olympic level.

  • Football

    From pee wee to pro, football is a contact sport for a team of 11 players to play defense or offense to an opposing team. It has been America's favorite sport since 1972 when it surpassed baseball as America's most popular sport.

  • Golf

    Playing a round of 18 or just hitting at a local putt-putt range is fun and provides a challenge for those willing to put in the practice time. It has been around for 500 years and is a major part of the sport world today.

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