Thigh Exercises

Exercises with your thighs as the primary target:

  • Hip Adduction - Resistance Tube

    Add resistance to your inner thigh workout so that it doesn't take as long to fatigue your inner thighs as when you do it without the tube.

  • Hip Adduction - Machine

    This seated machine allows you to rest the other muscles of your legs while you fatigue your inner thighs, and is non-strenuous on your knees.

  • Hip Adduction - Bodyweight

    You can use a Fitness Circle, small ball, or even a pillow to do this exercise.

  • Hip Adduction - Stability Ball

    Toning the inside of your thighs can help give your hips stability, lowering your chance for injuries such as slipping and falling and pulling a muscle.

  • Knee Lifts - Bodyweight

    This is a good exercise to prepare you for step ups onto a step or a bench.

  • Lateral Lunges With Medicine Ball - Medicine Ball

    The twist of this exercise strengthens the back muscles in a functional way.

  • Leg Curl - Stability Ball

    This is a great cross-training alternative to a hamstring curl machine at the gym. It challenges your stability muscles because the ball will want to roll.

  • Leg Curl - Machine

    A great option for hamstring isolation if you prefer not to lie down on your stomach. The back pad encourages your spine to remain still and your hips to remain in contact with the bench.

  • Leg Extension - Machine

    This machine isolates the quadriceps and strengthens the patellar tendon to help power you through any motion when your legs are involved. It is very beneficial for those who tend to pronate or walk turned out to prevent future knee problems.

  • Leg Extension - Stability Ball

    This challenges your balance while strengthening your quadriceps and your core.

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