Shoulder Exercises

Exercises with your shoulders as a contributor:

  • Row With Rotation - Stability Ball

    This exercise is a great rear shoulder strengthener which not only gives your arms beautiful tone but contributes to good posture.

  • Row With Rotation - Free Weight

    This exercise isolates one side of your back at a time so is very effective in balancing the strength in the right and left side of your back and your biceps.

  • Row With Rotation - Resistance Tube

    This row exercise is effective for strengthening your upper back and shoulders and thus contributes to good posture.

  • Row With Rotation - Machine

    When you add a rotation, your rotator cuff muscles will receive the benefit and get stronger to help support your arms during upper body movement.

  • Seated Row - Resistance Tube

    This seated row will improve your balance as your strengthen your upper back.

  • Seated Row - Stability Ball

    This option of the row allows you to rest your legs while you tone your upper body, namely your back and rear shoulders.

  • Smith Chest Press - Free Weight

    Using the Smith machine to do chest press provides a good guide for your arms' motion since the ends of the bar is fixed, making this a closed-chain exercise.

  • Smith Decline Chest Press - Free Weight

    This exercise pairs well with incline chest press, as it targets the lower pecs (chest muscles). Because you are on the Smith Machine, it will guide your motion so that you do not have to worry about dropping the bar too early or "getting stuck".

  • Smith Incline Chest Press - Free Weight

    Using the Smith Machine to guide your motion in chest press allows you to lift heavier weight safely than if done with a regular barbell alone.

  • Split Lunge Row - Resistance Tube

    With a split-leg stance you are working your back and biceps while challenging your balance.

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