Shoulder Exercises

Exercises with your shoulders as a contributor:

  • Lat Pull-in - Resistance Tube

    This works the Lats as well as under the arm and obliques.

  • Modified Superman - Bodyweight

    This is an easier version of the Superman, good for those who want to strengthen their neck and back without adding undue stress.

  • One-arm Superman - Bodyweight

    One-arm Superman is a back exercise that strengthens each side of your back independently. It also strengthens your rear shoulders, glutes and hamstrings and stretches your lats.

  • Overhead Tricep Extension - Free Weight

    This is a great way to isolate your triceps and stretch your lat at the same time. If you are using heavy weight, you may want to sit in order to keep proper form.

  • Overhead Tricep Extension - Resistance Tube

    By standing on one end of the tube, you create a fixed point of resistance so can isolate one tricep at a time.

  • Overhead Tricep Extension - Stability Ball

    With this exercise, you can concentrate on your form since you are seated on the ball, which supports your body weight while giving you a subtle core workout, and working one arm at a time.

  • Pronated Grip Row - Machine

    Working with your palms facing down targets the upper back and rear shoulders more intensely than if the palms faced each other.

  • Pull-ups With Resistance - Free Weight

    This is done on a pull-up bar with weight secured onto a weight belt worn around the waist.

  • Pullover - Free Weight

    This exercise targets the pulling muscles of your back from a different angle than other typical back exercises.

  • Reaching Back Extension - Free Weight

    Strengthening the lower back muscles with this exercise will help you to have better posture and make it easier for you to bend forward in your normal activities; be sure to balance these muscles by strengthening your abdominals.

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