Shoulder Exercises

Exercises with your shoulders as the primary target:

  • Arm Circles - Bodyweight

    This exercise requires no equipment and will tone your upper and lower arms as well as your shoulders and upper chest and back muscles.

  • Deltoid Fly - Stability Ball

    Rest your legs and tone your shoulders while creating good posture by sitting on the ball.

  • Deltoid Fly - Free Weight

    You can lift more weight without straining your elbows with this exercise.

  • Deltoid Fly - Machine

    This machine targets the deltoids directly by having your arms press the weight up instead of having your hands hold the weight and stressing the wrists and forearms.

  • Deltoid Fly - Resistance Tube

    Using a tube for this exercise allows you to incorporate shoulder work right alongside the rest of your tube workout to make transition times short and effective.

  • External Rotation - Free Weight

    Keeping the rotator cuff strong is essential to living without shoulder pain and setting up your upper body for continuous strength gains.

  • External Rotation - Machine

    The cable provides constant, even tension throughout the movement so that you know exactly how much weight you are using.

  • External Rotation - Resistance Tube

    This should be included in everyone's workout to keep the shoulder's rotator cuff strong, and since tubes are portable, you can take them with you anywhere.

  • Front Deltoid Raise - Resistance Tube

    This isolates the front of your shoulders and can be done back to back with other shoulder, biceps, and triceps exercises for a power workout and ultra fast transitions.

  • Front Deltoid Raise - Stability Ball

    This will tone the front of your shoulders while providing lower body support since you are seated on the ball.

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