Calf Exercises

Exercises with your calf as the primary target:

Exercises with your calf as a contributor:

  • Inversion - Bodyweight

    These simple ankle movements can be done anytime, anywhere, and can help prevent ankle sprains and possibly ankle breaks.

  • Leg Extension - Bodyweight

    This can be done anywhere, from your kitchen to standing at a bus stop, so you'll always have a reason to do them.

  • Advanced Bosu Balance - Bosu

    This is an advanced exercise to try once you are comfortable balancing on the Bosu. It is challenging because of the incredible stability and strength needed in one leg to support the weight of the whole body.

  • Hip Adduction With Squats - Bodyweight

    This exercise strengthens the thighs and challenges your balance as you stand on one leg.

  • Lateral Lunges Off Step - Bodyweight

    The step offers height to make your hip muscles work harder in the lunge.

  • Standing Hip Adduction - Bodyweight

    This is a simple exercise for your inner thigh that you can do subtly, even while waiting for the bus.

  • Stationary Lunges - Bodyweight

    A good exercise to strengthen the entire thigh, these are slightly less challenging than lunges since you are taking forward/backward movement out of the equation.

  • Step-ups - Bodyweight

    This exercise works each leg independently using your body weight.

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