Back Exercises

Exercises with your back as the primary target:

  • Dead Lift - Free Weight

    A classic lower back and hamstring exercise, this will fatigue your lower back quickly when using dumbbells to load on the weight.

  • Knee Lift With Extension - Stability Ball

    This challenges your balance while strengthening your core and legs.

  • Lat Pull-in - Resistance Tube

    This works the Lats as well as under the arm and obliques.

  • Lat Pull-in - Machine

    This strengthens the lats and the side of your torso while targeting the arms and upper back.

  • Modified Superman - Bodyweight

    This is an easier version of the Superman, good for those who want to strengthen their neck and back without adding undue stress.

  • One-arm Superman - Bodyweight

    One-arm Superman is a back exercise that strengthens each side of your back independently. It also strengthens your rear shoulders, glutes and hamstrings and stretches your lats.

  • Pronated Grip Row - Machine

    Working with your palms facing down targets the upper back and rear shoulders more intensely than if the palms faced each other.

  • Pull-ups With Resistance - Free Weight

    This is done on a pull-up bar with weight secured onto a weight belt worn around the waist.

  • Reaching Back Extension - Free Weight

    Strengthening the lower back muscles with this exercise will help you to have better posture and make it easier for you to bend forward in your normal activities; be sure to balance these muscles by strengthening your abdominals.

  • Reverse Crunches - Free Weight

    This is a lower back strengthener which is important for activities like swinging a baseball bat or swimming.

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