Back Exercises

Exercises with your back as the primary target:

  • Pull-ups - Free Weight

    Pull-ups are one of the most challenging exercises you can do. If doing a full pull-up is too tough, lift your chin up to the top of the bar and hold for as long as you can in order to build your strength.

  • Row - Stability Ball

    Another good posture builder, this strengthens one arm at a time so that each arm has to pull its own weight, no pun intended.

  • Row - Resistance Tube

    Whether seated or standing, this movement can be executed in many different ways to strengthen your back and biceps. You can also do it with a partner by having them loop their own tube through yours then pull simultaneously.

  • Row - Machine

    This pulling exercise counteracts what normally happens to our back posture throughout the day: slouching and rounding our shoulders forward. This specifically targets your middle and upper back and rear shoulders to build better posture.

  • Row - Free Weight

    When you work one arm at a time, you can concentrate on your form and on each arm independently. Keeping your spine neutral throughout the exercise works all of the muscles of your back and rear shoulders.

  • Barbell Dead Lift - Free Weight

    This is an exercise for strengthening the lower back and hamstrings. It is easier to lift a little bit more weight when you have a barbell than if you are using dumbbells.

  • Barbell Row - Free Weight

    This row exercise simultaneously strengthens the back, back extensors (lower back) and biceps as well as the hamstrings.

  • Cable Lat Pull-down - Machine

    This exercise allows you to work your back muscles as well as your grip because it uses two handles instead of a bar; additionally, it has the added benefit on isolating each side of your back so that your stronger arm cannot assist the weaker arm.

  • Cable Row - Machine

    Working your back with two different cables allows each arm to work independently.

  • Cat Curl And Stretch - Bodyweight

    This stretches your spine in both directions, arched and contracted, thus strengthens both sides of your body as well.

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