Arm Exercises

Exercises with your arms as a contributor:

  • Row - Stability Ball

    Another good posture builder, this strengthens one arm at a time so that each arm has to pull its own weight, no pun intended.

  • Row - Resistance Tube

    Whether seated or standing, this movement can be executed in many different ways to strengthen your back and biceps. You can also do it with a partner by having them loop their own tube through yours then pull simultaneously.

  • Shoulder Press - Machine

    This machine will help guide your arms through a safe range of motion overhead to develop shoulder strength and stretch the lats and rear shoulders.

  • Shoulder Press - Resistance Tube

    These work the tops of your shoulders with consistent resistance to build shoulder definition and give your lats and triceps a stretch.

  • Shoulder Press - Stability Ball

    Along with providing lower body support, this provides a stretch for your lats and rear shoulders while strengthening your shoulders.

  • Shoulder Press - Stretching

    Also known as wall angels, these are very important for everyone to do for neck and back strength and shoulder flexibility.

  • Shoulder Press - Free Weight

    This is a great exercise for building strength where overhead movement is involved, such as putting a box in your attic. It will stretch and strengthen your shoulders simultaneously.

  • Torso Twist - Resistance Tube

    You can strengthen your obliques while standing with this exercise, so it fits easily between exercises while your arms or legs recover.

  • Advanced Plank - Bodyweight

    The advanced plank is a great core strengthener and is easy to make more intense simply by holding the position longer.

  • Advanced Push-ups - Stability Ball

    This push-up on the ball is challenging because you have to balance with your core strength as you work the chest and triceps.

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