Arm Exercises

Exercises with your arms as a contributor:

  • Intermediate Side Plank - Bodyweight

    This side plank is done with one leg straight and one leg bent to take a little bit more weight off of the working arm.

  • Knee Tucks - Stability Ball

    This promotes flexibility in the lower back and develops proprioception as you are taking your hips over your head while balancing on the ball and using your abs to tuck your knees to your chest.

  • Kneeling Hip Abduction - Bodyweight

    A sure way to fatigue your hips and tone your outer thighs.

  • Lat Pull-in - Machine

    This strengthens the lats and the side of your torso while targeting the arms and upper back.

  • Lat Pull-in - Resistance Tube

    This works the Lats as well as under the arm and obliques.

  • Military Press - Free Weight

    A traditional way to execute an overhead shoulder press. It is slightly more challenging to maintain good posture with this exercise since you are standing without support while pressing weight from the front of your neck to overhead.

  • Pike - Stability Ball

    A hard variation of plank exercise, this will develop upper body and core strength.

  • Pronated Grip Row - Machine

    Working with your palms facing down targets the upper back and rear shoulders more intensely than if the palms faced each other.

  • Pull-ups With Resistance - Free Weight

    This is done on a pull-up bar with weight secured onto a weight belt worn around the waist.

  • Pullover - Free Weight

    This exercise targets the pulling muscles of your back from a different angle than other typical back exercises.

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