Arm Exercises

Exercises with your arms as the primary target:

  • Arm Circles - Bodyweight

    This exercise requires no equipment and will tone your upper and lower arms as well as your shoulders and upper chest and back muscles.

  • Bicep Curl - Machine

    The bicep curl machine is a good option since it encourages good posture and allows you to quickly increase or decrease your weight for each set without needing to retrieve different dumbbells.

  • Bicep Curl - Free Weight

    The classic bicep exercise that you can spice up in various ways to keep things interesting.

  • Bicep Curl - Stability Ball

    You can concentrate solely on good form and fatiguing your biceps since you are sitting on the ball in this exercise.

  • Bicep Curl - Resistance Tube

    This exercise can easily follow a shoulder or arm exercise for a fast transition in your arm workout with tubes.

  • Forearm Curl - Free Weight

    These exercises work the smaller muscles of your arms so that they become strong enough to help your larger upper body muscles lift weight.

  • Forearm Curl - Resistance Tube

    You can do this exercise right after doing arm and shoulder work with tubes, thus reducing transition time between exercises.

  • Forearm Curl - Machine

    Doing this with a cable allows you to add weight progressively to adjust to your needs.

  • Forearm Curl - Stability Ball

    Forearm strength will help you grip weights better and improve your performance in such sports as baseball or rock climbing. Grab a 1-5 pound dumbbell and do this exercise every week.

  • Tricep Dip - Bodyweight

    This exercise focuses on the triceps and must be done with proper form and a small range of motion in order to ensure that you are not sacrificing the health of your rotator cuffs.

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