Abdominal Exercises

Exercises with your abdominals as the primary target:

  • Bosu Sit - Bosu

    This is the foundation for all seated Bosu exercises and translates to good posture while using the stability ball as well.

  • Captains Chair - Free Weight

    This is an ab exercise you can quickly fit in between sets since you don't have to lay down on the floor to do them.

  • Crunches - Free Weight

    This adds another level of difficulty to the traditional crunch by adding a free weight.

  • Crunches - Stability Ball

    The importance of abdominal strength virtually cannot be overstated. It provides a support system for your entire body, and these crunches can get tough quickly when executed properly.

  • Crunches - Medicine Ball

    A simple crunch with the added resistance of a medicine ball.

  • Crunches - Machine

    With proper form, this machine can take the place of hundreds of crunches that you may be used to doing by making each crunch many times harder than it would be without the added weight.

  • Crunches - Bodyweight

    The traditional crunch, these crunches can be done anywhere and work your rectus abdominis, aka your six-pack muscles.

  • Oblique Crunches - Bodyweight

    These crunches involve the obliques more than typical crunches.

  • Oblique Crunches - Stability Ball

    These are more effective on the ball than on the floor, a common exercise, because you have to maintain your balance while you twist to the sides.

  • Oblique Engagement - Stability Ball

    This is a very effective exercise if your back is stiff and you want more range of motion with your torso. It is simultaneously a tough workout for your obliques.

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