Wobble Board Squats

  • Touch a wall or other stable object. Stand on the right end of the wobble board with the right foot, then step onto the left end of the wobble board with the left foot. Place your hands on your hips.

  • Bend your knees, leaning forward with your head and directing your hips back. Keep your heels on the board. Stand up slowly keeping your legs as steady as possible.

  • Wobble board

  • Hips 

  • Back  Lower Legs  Thighs 

  • Gluteus Maximus, Biceps Femoris, Quadriceps Femoris, Soleus

  • TIP: Keep your shoulders pulled down and your elbows even with the sides of your body. Keep your head on top of your spine and take your focus with you as you bend forward so as not to strain your neck.

Variations for Wobble Board Squats

  • Advanced Wobble Board Squats

    Hold on to a wall if you are unstable during the squat motion, and work your way up to not needing a wall at all eventually.


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