Superman - Stability Ball

Other types of Superman: Bodyweight

  • Start on your knees with the ball in front of you and touching your thighs. Place your stomach on the ball and straighten your legs so that the majority of your weight is on the ball. Straighten your legs.

  • Lift your legs into the air then lift one arm off the floor. Find your balance on the top of the ball, then lift your other arm.

  • Stability ball; you can also do this exercise on the floor or on a yoga mat.

  • Back 

  • Shoulders 

  • Erector spinae, Gluteus maximus, Posterior deltoids, Rhomboids

  • TIP: Stay fluid with your body in order to find your balance, rather than getting rigid and trying to freeze your muscles into a still pose.

Variations for Superman

  • Sun Salutation

    Doing the yoga-based sun salutation on the ball provides pelvic support and allows you to use full range of motion with your back and arms without being limited by your hamstring flexibility.

  • Back Extension

    This allows you to strengthen your lower back without having to lay face down on the floor or hold heavy weight in your hands.


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