Row - Stability Ball

Other types of Row: Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube

  • Place the ball on the floor in front of you and pick up one dumbbell. Palm should face the ball. Place the other hand on the center of the ball with your elbow bent and stand with your knees slightly bent, spine neutral.

  • Straighten the arm holding the dumbbell, then bend your elbow towards the ceiling brushing your arm alongside your ribcage. Pause when your elbow just passes your ribs, squeezing that shoulder blade towards the other one, then lower the weight back to the floor.

  • Back 

  • Arms  Shoulders 

  • Levator scapulae, Deltoids, Upper trapezius

  • TIP: Keep your abs pulled up away from the floor to work your abs and maintain good posture. Pull your shoulders down away from your ears.

Variations for Row

  • Seated Row

    This is an option to strengthen your back and your core instead of doing the standing lat row.

  • Row With Rotation

    Doing this exercise on the stability ball works not only the arm with the weight, it also works the opposite chest and shoulders and your lower back.


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