Oblique Engagement - Stability Ball

Other types of Oblique Engagement: Bodyweight

  • Stand with your feet together and abdominals engaged, holding the ball in your hands. Keep your legs straight and lift the ball overhead with straight elbows.

  • Stand as tall as you can keeping your scapulae depressed, then lean to the side taking your arms and head with you, keeping your elbows straight. Pause, then pull yourself upright by engaging your obliques.

  • Abdominals 

  • External and internal abdominal obliques

  • TIP: Do 5 to each side with a small range of motion to warm up slowly, then increase the range of motion and hold in the deepest stretch on each side for up to 20 seconds.

Variations for Oblique Engagement

  • Supine Leg Pendulum

    Lowering the ball all the way to the floor will give your abs and obliques an intense workout and twist your spine into a deep stretch.


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