Oblique Crunches - Stability Ball

Other types of Oblique Crunches: Bodyweight

  • Sit on the ball and walk out until your middle back is on the ball. Place your hands behind your head.

  • Twist your head and shoulders towards the right as you lift them off the ball. Lower to neutral spine, then do the same to your left.

  • Abdominals 

  • External and internal abdominal obliques

  • TIP: Maintain a lifted chin as your crunch with your hands supporting only the weight of your head, not assisting in the crunch.

Variations for Oblique Crunches

  • Side-lying Oblique Crunch

    Works the obliques without a twist. Many people do this same exercise on a back extension machine, but that can cause discomfort in the knees and hips. Try this one on the ball so that your lower body does not have so much torque on it.

  • Around The World

    A twist on the original crunch, target your abdominals from many angles with these crunches.


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