Hip Adduction - Stability Ball

Other types of Hip Adduction: Bodyweight Machine Resistance Tube

  • Lay on your right side with your right leg straight and your left foot flat on the ground behind your right thigh. Place the ball on your inner thigh. Maintain neutral spine and hold onto the ball.

  • Keep your bottom leg straight and slightly in front of the left. Lift it 6 inches off the floor, hold, then lower.

  • Thighs 

  • Abdominals 

  • Adductor magnus, Brevis and longus, Pectineus, Gracilis

  • TIP: Using a smaller stability ball (45 or 55 cm) will be easier to hold.

Variations for Hip Adduction

  • Seated Hip Adduction

    This is an easier version of inner thigh work that you can do seated on the ball.

  • Drop And Catch

    Build your eye-hand-feet coordination with this adductor and abdominal strengthener.

  • Ball Lift

    Works your inner thighs and obliques.


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