Forearm Curl - Stability Ball

Other types of Forearm Curl: Free Weight Machine Resistance Tube

  • Sit on the ball with a small dumbbell in each hand, elbows on top of your lap and palms up.

  • Curl your knuckles back towards your elbow, then lower back to starting position.

  • Any kind of small weight will work just fine for this exercise if you do not have lightweight dumbbells.

  • Arms 

  • Wrist extensors and flexors

  • TIP: You may want to omit this exercise if you have carpel tunnel syndrome. Two to five pounds is sufficient for most people for this exercise.

Variations for Forearm Curl

  • Reverse Forearm Curl

    It is important to strengthen your forearms with an overhand grip, as well as underhand. Forearm strength will help you grip weights better and improve your performance in such sports as baseball or rock climbing.


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