Drop And Catch

  • Lay on your back and grab the ball between your ankles, knees bent. You may want to fold a small towel and place it under your tailbone to prevent your hips from tilting forward.

  • Pull your lower back down to the floor and engage your abdominals as you lift your feet over your hips. Drop the ball and catch it with your hands. Throw it in the air and catch it with your ankles.

  • Thighs 

  • Abdominals 

  • Adductor brevis and longus, Pectineus

  • TIP: Pull your abs towards your back and your back towards the floor constantly throughout this exercise.

Variations for Drop And Catch

  • Seated Hip Adduction

    This is an easier version of inner thigh work that you can do seated on the ball.

  • Hip Adduction

    Toning the inside of your thighs can help give your hips stability, lowering your chance for injuries such as slipping and falling and pulling a muscle.

  • Ball Lift

    Works your inner thighs and obliques.


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