Prone Rear Deltoid Fly

  • Select two lightweight dumbbells of equal weight and put them on the floor about three feet in front of the ball. Kneel on the floor behind the ball, walk out on the ball on your stomach, then pick up the dumbbells.

  • Lift your torso off the ball slightly and keep your elbows bent 10-30 degrees as you lift your elbows towards the ceiling. Keep your glutes engaged and your shoulders down, maintaining a neutral spine as you execute the exercise.

  • Stability ball, two dumbbells

  • Shoulders 

  • Back 

  • Posterior deltoid, Trapezius, Rhomboids, Erector spinae

  • TIP: Keep your feet secured to a wall if you have difficulty with balance, placed further apart for more assistance or closer together for less assistance.

Variations for Prone Rear Deltoid Fly

  • Standing Rear Deltoid Fly

    By using one arm at a time, you can focus on your technique with this exercise. Make it more challenging by using both arms at once if you wish.

  • Rear Deltoid Fly

    This strengthens muscles which help your body with proper posture. Many of us suffer from sloppy posture throughout the day, so combat it with this exercise.


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