Rear Deltoid Fly - Resistance Tube

Other types of Rear Deltoid Fly: Free Weight Machine Stability Ball

  • Secure tube around fixture at shoulder height then step back with hands and elbows at the same height as your shoulders, palms facing each other. Place your feet directly under your hips.

  • Keeping your elbows slightly bent, pull your arms towards your back, directing your knuckles to the sides of the room, then return to starting position.

  • Shoulders 

  • Back 

  • Posterior deltoid

  • TIP: Feet should be parallel and hip width apart. If you want to challenge your balance, place your feet together and keep your knees slightly bent.

Variations for Rear Deltoid Fly

  • Incline Rear Deltoid Fly

    You can also loop the tube around a fixed pole if you wish to remain upright instead of lean forward.


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