• Adjust the cable close to the floor, then grab the handle with your inside hand and place your outside hand on top of it. Place your feet slightly wider than hip width apart with bent knees.

  • Engage your abs and pull your shoulders down as you pull the weight up at an upward diagonal motion. Resist the weight slowly and return to starting position.

  • Cable pulley and handle

  • Back 

  • Abdominals  Arms 

  • Erector spinae, Rhomboids, Rear deltoids, Biceps

  • TIP: Twist with your upper body and waist, not with your knees. Your knees should always be directly over your ankles.

Variations for Woodchopper

  • Back Extension

    You stay standing for this exercise instead of laying down or using the incline back extension machine. Adjusting your resistance is easy because of the cable.


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