Row With Rotation - Machine

Other types of Row With Rotation: Free Weight Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Place the pin in the weight that you want to lift and position handles with your palms facing each other. Stand with feet together and hips directly under shoulders.

  • Rotate your hands slowly towards the floor as your pull your elbows back. Pause with your elbows even with your shoulders, then slowly lower the weight and rotate your palms, ending with thumbs up.

  • Back 

  • Arms  Shoulders 

  • Back, Biceps, Shoulders

  • TIP: Check your profile in a mirror to ensure that you are not leaning back. Leaning back would take the effectiveness out of the exercise.

Variations for Row With Rotation

  • Split Lunge Row

    This machine allows you to personalize the movement a little more than other row machines since the cable gives you more freedom, allowing you to change the position of your arms. Doing it standing adds additional challenge to your core and legs.

  • Row

    This pulling exercise counteracts what normally happens to our back posture throughout the day: slouching and rounding our shoulders forward. This specifically targets your middle and upper back and rear shoulders to build better posture.

  • Pronated Grip Row

    Instead of your palms facing each other like in the row, your hands are internally rotated with this exercise, therefore you will have to engage your rotator muscles in order to execute the exercise properly, strengthening the shoulders and back.

  • Cable Row

    This machine allows you to personalize the movement even more than other row machines since having two cables allows your arms to work independently.


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