Preacher Curl - Machine

Other types of Preacher Curl: Free Weight

  • Adjust the seat so that your arms rest in a comfortable position and your arms start fully extended. Grasp the bar with your hands about shoulder width apart.

  • Pull the bar towards your shoulders and pause with your knuckles pointing to the ceiling. Lower to starting position.

  • Biceps curl machine

  • Arms 

  • Brachialis, Biceps brachii, Brachioradialis

  • TIP: Keep your palms facing the ceiling as you execute this exercises, pause with a fist's width between your hand and shoulder, then lower at a slower speed than you lifted.

Variations for Preacher Curl

  • Cable Bicep Curl

    Using a cable pulley provides constant tension throughout the exercise so that your biceps are contracted throughout the set.

  • Bicep Curl

    The bicep curl machine is a good option since it encourages good posture and allows you to quickly increase or decrease your weight for each set without needing to retrieve different dumbbells.


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