Tricep Extension - Free Weight

Other types of Tricep Extension: Machine Resistance Tube Stability Ball

  • Sit in an upright chair with a back pad, press the dumbbell overhead and straighten your arms. Feet should be about hip width apart.

  • Press your arms straight over your shoulders. Keep your elbows directly over your shoulders and lower the dumbbell to a 90 degree elbow bend. Return to starting position pressing your elbows completely straight.

  • Arms 

  • Triceps brachii

  • TIP: Keep your elbows stationary throughout the exercise, as if you have a ruler between your elbows and you do not want to drop it.

Variations for Tricep Extension

  • Tricep Kickback

    This can be done in various ways to keep boredom away: on a bench, ball, kneeling, or standing. It also gives your back a gentle workout and hamstrings a gentle stretch.

  • Overhead Tricep Extension

    You can improve your technique and your strength by concentrating on one arm at a time with this exercise.

  • Barbell Tricep Extension

    This is a more advanced version of tricep extension, concentrating on using stabilizing muscles and increasing flexibility.


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